“The writer knows one man who can step up to a cigar store punch board and with a few punches grab off the best prizes.  Once I asked him about it and he said:  ‘I never go near a punch board unless I am in the mood for it, and that means that I must be in the frame of mind that I’m going to win.  I’ve noticed that if there’s the slightest doubt in my mind, I don’t win.  But I can’t recall the time that I didn’t get winning numbers when the winning idea was firmly fixed in my mind before I started to play.’”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

Here is the key to manifestation:  an inner sense of optimism!  If we are really sure, deep in our minds and souls, that what we want is the way to go, we get what we want.  But if there is doubt, we are unlikely to be successful at manifesting.

I have had this experience with playing the card game solitaire when I was young.  If I felt an urge to play, and I went and collected the cards, I usually won the first game (which, as everyone playing solitaire can attest to, is not easy).  So an optimistic attitude is best.

Can we milk our emotions to reframe them for optimism?

I think we can, though there are larger forces at work here.  We can and should do what we can to bring our deepest desires out in the open.  We can make a difference just by attitude.  If we take the attitude that we’re probably not going to get what we say, then we have shot ourselves in the foot.

Let our minds and hearts soar as we say and write our affirmations.

It certainly can’t hurt, and it just might make all the difference.

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