Happening because We Want It

“Do you realize that everything that is happening to you is happening because you want it?  It might seem impossible to you that this is be true if there is death and cancer all around you, but everything that is happening to you is happening because you asked for it and want it.  Herein lies your total release, if you choose to accept to change your mind about what you want.”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

When we accept that we want to change things, our intuition will give us hints of how to do that.  At first we may reject the ideas that come to us as being uncomfortable, but if we persevere, we will be given ideas that are more comfortable, a slant on what we first thought.

Yes, we do draw to us what we want.  And if we focus on something, even something that we seem to abhor, it will come to us.  This is the danger of going unconscious in our lives.  We need to be vigilant about our thoughts and feelings constantly, on an ongoing basis.

If we truly don’t see how we can make a change, then obviously the thing to do is to ask—ask God for an Answer.  If none comes, perhaps this thing that we are experiencing is right for us, even when on the surface it seems like the last thing we might like to have.

Be in prayer about what transpires in our lives.  We will find answers, and they will not be long in coming.

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