Pure Focus

“Everything that seems to happen to you is by your own decision.  You get what you asked for.  I know this seems impossible—who would ask for sickness?  Who would ask for weight problems?—but it’s true.

“You simply need to begin associating with the part of you that is real and never dies and be only that.

“You are not a body.  You are a mind.  Wholly mind.  One Mind.  Spirit.  Light.  THIS IS THE REASON WHY YOU ARE PERFECT.  Your body is not perfect.  YOU are perfect.  Your body is nothing.”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, Lisa Natoli

We are spirit, lost in the illusion of the body.  And when we associate with the part of us that is real—the spirit—we know what to ask for with the law of attraction.  We are getting guidance.

We ask so much better when we go within to our spirit.  If something would be bad for us in the long run, we soon discover not to ask for that something.  Without going within, we are flying blind.

The spirit is within.  Some call this the “Christ-Self.”  It is the part that we have been ignoring as long as we listen to the ego.  One thing about the law of attraction:  Our desire for material goods may be a lure for the ego to take over.

We don’t want the ego to take over.  Material goods are not evil, if they are held loosely.  Otherwise, we are constantly afraid that we will lose them, lose our money (regardless of how much we have), lose the “toys” that have meant so much to us (especially the expensive ones).

Be sure to ask for guidance as we write our affirmations and do our visualizations.  Then nothing will ever turn on us, making us sorry we invoked the law of attraction.

Our focus will remain pure.

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