“I cling to the theory that while thoughts do create and exercise control far beyond any limits yet known to man, they create only according to their pitch, intensity, emotional quality, depth of feeling, or vibratory plane.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

If we follow and believe Claude’s reasoning, we need to put passion in our focus.  If we feel the desire for something very keenly, we are much more likely to manifest it.  The law of attraction works no other way.  Our depth of feeling makes a difference.

How do we raise our vibration to meet the thing that we want?  First, we must be sure that we really, truly want that thing.  If we have doubts, our fear thoughts (for doubt is a form of fear) will negate what we are asking.  Our words will be superficial.

Ask internally if the thing that we want is a “right” thing; if we are sure it is, we will have less trouble summoning up the passion that will send that thing to us.

Keep in mind that we may still need to walk across the room and turn on the light switch–meaning that we may have some things to do that will allow our desired material or immaterial good to come to us.  It is a waste of time to invoke the law of attraction with our minds if we ourselves can bring about the very thing that we are seeking.

Ask what we do to bring our desired good into our life.  We must not be lazy about working for what we want!  Follow the inklings that come to us.  The law of attraction works in our minds as well, telling us what to do next to live a happy and productive life.

But do it with passion!

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