“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”  Matthew 21:22 (RSV)

This is Jesus talking, when he walked the earth. Did he get it wrong? Is faith, even a strong faith, not enough?

No, our own thoughts counter what we ask for in faith. Subconscious thoughts act on the law of attraction also, and if we have even a smidgen of doubt that we will receive something that we have asked for in faith, then we can be sure that there is a great deal of unconscious doubt deep in our minds and hearts. And doubt counters what we are asking.

I have first-hand knowledge of this dynamic. I once thought, on the surface, that something I wanted very much was going to happen. I thought I believed it with all my heart, that I was absolutely certain. But, if I had been honest about what was in my heart, I would have realized that there was a bit of doubt about this thing I wanted.

As time wore on, and my wish did not materialize, I did not ask Heaven for this wonderful thing any longer. I never prayed for it to happen. And I am sure now, years later, that I knew in my heart of hearts that it was wrong for me. I had doubt, a doubt that surfaced after a bit. And then I ceased to ask, knowing better than to do so.

It takes a lot of self-knowledge to understand why a prayer might not be answered in the affirmative. Our faith may be very strong, and so it is not a matter of praying for a stronger faith. Many people feel guilty that their faith is not strong enough, but perhaps that is not the point.

Our doubt is showing us a better way, pointed out by God Himself, at the same time that our doubt is preventing the law of attraction from working as we will at the time. Our doubt is thus a self-protection device.

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