Attaining Our Good

“Let us suppose, then, that what you request of the Holy Spirit is what you really want, but that you are still afraid of it.  Should this be the case, your attainment of it would no longer be what you want, even if it is.”   A Course in Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition

We can think that we really want something. We can pray for it, we can obsess about it, we can wish, plan, dream. But if in the back of our minds we are afraid of this glorious thing, it won’t manifest for us. This is what A Course in Miracles is saying here. It is not what we really want if we are afraid of it.

This scenario takes careful consideration. I once wanted something for years; I did not recognize that I was afraid of its manifestation. And nothing happened except frustration.

Fear counters the law of attraction. We must go deep within, search out what may be hindering our work of manifesting, and see what we truly and absolutely want.

We may get a surprise. Maybe what we think we want is not really what we want.

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