Time Delay

“There is usually a time lag between the thought about what you want to create and the time that it takes to appear in your life.  This time lag confuses and stops many people from continuing to think of new things they want to create.  Thoughts are real and go outward to create what they represent, and thoughts exist in time.  Past thoughts may still affect you for a while, even as you change your thinking.  Within two to three months, however, the new thoughts will have gained momentum and will start to create new outer forms and circumstances to match.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

This time delay between when we start saying affirmations and visualizing, and when the things we want appear in our lives needs to be lived in patience. The book, The Secret, says the same thing. If we get impatient and decide that “this stuff” doesn’t work, then we send out a new, contradicting thought to the Universe, and our desire–just about ready to pop through–disappears.

We don’t know how much needs to change before our desires can bear fruit. Or how much WE need to change. We too have to be made ready.

The request to be made ready for our heartfelt desire is a potent prayer that we all might benefit from praying.

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