“[I]imaging has its own formula:  1) the goal, 2) the purpose, 3) prayer activity, 4) thoughtful planning, 5) innovative thinking , 6) enthusiasm, 7) organized hard work, and 8) always holding the image of success firmly in mind.  If this formula is faithfully carried out, the desired results will be achieved despite all difficulties or setbacks.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

In my opinion the most important factors in Norman Vincent Peale’s formula are prayer and organized hard work. Not laborious work, though, but just inspired work that doesn’t feel like work. When we have said our prayers and then stepped back, we will get glimpses of the next right thing to do. We don’t press, we don’t force ourselves forward. We select one small detail that looks inviting, something that seems like it might be fun, and then and only then do we move forward.

Inspired action doesn’t feel like work at all. It is pure pleasure. Of course, we can bring all of Dr. Peale’s other maxims into the picture, too. Let the order of what maxim to use present itself to us. Then and only then–act.

The results will be phenomenal.


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