Mind and Heart Make for Meaningful Change

“There is only ONE way out of sadness and that is to change your mind.  Please don’t wait for external circumstances to change, because it will never happen.  You will be waiting for a thousand years for someone outside of yourself to make you happy while you hold the whole world in chains.  Please wake up.  Change occurs FIRST in your mind—right here, right now—and THEN external circumstances change.  It’s the way it works.”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

It is the mind–and heart–that enable us to make meaningful change. Here Lisa makes this plain. If we wait, passively, for external conditions to change, we will not be successful.

The change must happen first in the mind–or the heart. A Course of Love says that the best way is for the heart to inform the mind of what might best happen next in our lives. It is not hard to listen to our heart. We just get quiet and go within. All of us know how to do this; we just don’t always give ourselves the quiet time that we need to make meaningful change.

What does our heart really want in our lives? What would satisfy us long-term? Maybe we aren’t sure we know, and if this is the case, quiet time over several days WILL clarify for us. God does not keep secrets from us; it is only our own obtuseness that makes clarity hard to reach.

Pray. Commune with God. First be very sure of what divine will is asking for our lives. Let the new image rise up from our depths.

Mind and heart together will make a change for the better for us. But we don’t wait, passively, for the external to alter. We take the initiative, and then all things work out for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose. (New Testament)

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