“Memory holds a message it receives, and does what it is given it to do.  It does not write the message nor appoint what it is for.  Like to the body, it is purposeless within itself.  And if it seems to serve to cherish ancient hates and offer you the pictures of injustices and hurts that you are saving, this is what you asked its message be, and this is what it is.  A Course in Miracles, COA ed.

We get what we ask for, in some shape or form. And when we nurse injustices and hurts, these fall back upon ourselves. It is the law of attraction in yet another form.

When we see ourselves sink into a low mood, there are things we can do. We can turn on favorite music, write in a journal, pray. We can also be graceful in this low mood, as Richard Carlson, a psychologist and happiness expert, once said. What we don’t want to do is “fight” the low mood. Know that our outlook is flawed, and gently let go of the offending ideas that are crowding into our minds and affecting our hearts’ warmth.

Reading is always good. This puts new things in our memory, allowing us to let go of the memories that hurt. We have not, in reality, been hurt; this is a tenet of A Course in Miracles. Our reality has not changed for the worse. We are simply caught in an illusion that is giving us bad thoughts.

Do what we can to forgive ourselves for the belief that we have been unjustly treated. We are actually children of a living God Who wishes us well. And when memory serves us well, we will remember this.

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