Follow Our Soul Prompts

“Your soul shows you how to get things, not through the mind, through your feelings, inner messages, and emotions.  After you get clear on what you want to create, listen to your spontaneous and creative urges.  They may seem to have no relationship to the goal you want to reach.  It may seem as if, for instance, you put out for great financial success, and all of a sudden you want to take the summer off and study something else, or you lose your job.

“As you trust your inner urges and study something else, you may find new ideas emerging that eventually bring you the wealth you wanted.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

It works best with the law of attraction if we stay calm and let our soul decide the next step. Our soul may follow a meandering course to what we truly want. But if we trust, we will have a good time the whole way. We will recognize, however dimly, that something else is going on now–something very grand. Let our soul decide the next step to the riches, tangible and intangible, that we want.

How do we know what the soul wants? When we turn inward, we will have inner urges to move in certain directions. If we are in conflict, we need to delve more deeply into our mind and heart. The soul does not offer conflict to us, for it knows things that we don’t. The soul is our friend. And when we trust our inner direction, we know this.

Inner urges that are placed in us by our soul (which is connected to God) can only lead us aright. Go deep within, pray deeply, meditate well. The new way that we need to walk will become apparent when we don’t do impulsive things that take us far from our center.

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