Soul Requests

“If you go back and look at what you have asked for in the past, you will see that many of the things you did not get, you no longer want, and the things that were for your higher good, you have.  Some things that you may be preparing to have may come later, or come in a different way or form than you expected.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

Some of our reading has suggested that to focus on something we want is enough to bring it to us.  But Sanaya has a different “take” on this.  And I agree with her. I think it is our soul who is actually moving to bring us what we want—IF we are ready, and IF this thing we want is for our higher good.

We can access our soul by intuition.  Often I have found that I might, on the surface, “want” something, but then I don’t go for the next step and pray for it.  This proves to me that I have been ambivalent about this supposed good all along.  If I wanted something with all my heart and soul, then I would certainly turn to God with my petition.

We can know the soul’s good if we turn inward often enough and go deep enough.  If there is ambivalence about a given want, then there is self-doubt, and we know that self-doubt cancels the request.  We have just sent God a message that we are not so sure that we want this “good,” and when we don’t speak in a certain, forceful voice, then the Universe (think God) knows not to move to give us “yes” for our wants.

How can we know what is in our best interests?  Commune with our depths.  If we are quiet enough, and sit still long enough, over time we will know what to ask for and what to reconsider asking for.

We are not kept guessing.  When we listen, really listen, we know.

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