Eternal Creators of Our Own Experience

“Believe me when I tell you that with every movement of your mind and heart, that is, of what you really are, you impact everything.  Nothing in you is without effect; nothing in you is futile.  You are eternal creators of your own experience.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 8:I

When we create our own experience, we have to be using the law of attraction–bringing things to ourselves, reaching out to others in their lives. If nothing is without effect, it behooves us to keep our minds and hearts upbeat, focusing on the positive, deemphasizing the negative. We can use manifestation wisely when we don’t negate our good by doubting, for doubting is a negative attitude, and it means that the thing we are focusing upon, to bring to ourselves, will not arrive. We have canceled our own hope.

If we think positively, though, our focus will be one of hope, and hope is, next to love, one of the most positive emotions. And then we create well in our lives.

How do we turn around a depressed spirit? Of course, there are biochemical aspects to true depression, but a run-of-the-mill low mood can be turned around very quickly by focusing on something happy. The Secret, Rhonda Byrne’s work, asks us to smile, think of a baby, think of something that makes us really happy. Make a list, The Secret says, of these “secret shifters.” Sometimes one will not work, and with our list, we can turn to another. We can make a long list for those times that we need a major overhaul to happier emotions.

We are creating what we want in our lives, even when this idea seems impossible to us. If we seem to be victims, our wavelength has been turned to the negative, but that does not mean that we are relinquished to “blame the victim” if someone is in really bad straits. Our souls know what to create next. The end is always good.

We do affect our world and its people, even nature herself. We don’t know our own power. But we can let the negativity fall away and see from how much better life turns out, that we have done a good thing.

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