Positive Thinking

“If you have many positive thoughts, but they are balanced by equally doubtful, fearful, or negative ones, you will create nothing.  The desire for what you want must be stronger than your fears about not having it.  Every time you fear something, you take away from the energy to create it.  Do not make those fear thoughts wrong, but every time you recognize one, put positive thoughts alongside it.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

How do we keep to the positive, consistently? One way is to say sternly, to ourselves, “Cancel!,” when we notice that we have dipped into the negative. Then we can change our thought to something more likely to attract what we want. I have read that if a mild, silent command is not enough, one can pound on a table and speak aloud, “Stop!” Repeatedly. This technique is called “thought stoppage,” and is said by a practicing psychologist to be very effective.

We need to keep to the positive, lest our doubts prevent our good thoughts from materializing. We know that wanting something is thwarted when we dip into fears about having it. If we aren’t sure, this also begs the question.

Try to work with our fear thoughts to counter them with a relaxed and peaceful feeling. If we seek peace, love will shortly follow, and we know that all things are possible when we love enough.

One thought on “Positive Thinking

  1. Thank you Celia. This is exactly what I’ve been struggling with all year – the practice, now harder than ever, to refuse the give harbor to destructive thoughts, fear and dread thoughts, which rise up in great numbers these days. I especially like the part about pounding the table and saying NO to those ever-invasive victim-thoughts that have darkened the lives of us all this year. We are not victims, and we are not helpless, even when we think we are. We can think it, for a moment, but we don’t have to allow it to come in and sit down at the table. Thank you for reminding me.

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