“Realize that you draw other people into your life to play out certain roles with you that will help you evolve.  Let go of any anger or blame you have toward them.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

I found this statement quoted to be quite insightful!  Yes, we use the law of attraction, albeit in an unconscious way, to draw other people to us that will help us to work out our personality problems.  If we feel anger or blame another for something that has happened, perhaps we ought to see this is an indication of where we could grow.  If we see the innocence in the other, we will realize that we are all in this together, ready and willing to learn from each other and to work out the kinks in our personalities.

Perhaps this use of focus and attraction is not always unconscious.  We can certainly recognize, if we keep drawing the same difficulties to ourselves, that here is something that the Universe (read God) is trying to get us to see as a problem crying out for solution.  If we live over the same circumstance with different people, this certainly says something about us, not the other person.

How do we shift gears and eliminate repetition in drawing to ourselves what we don’t want?  If we learn from the specific that is right in front of us, there will be no reason to repeat the difficulty with somebody else.  If we learn our lessons, the Universe is satisfied that we are evolving.

Then we go on to other people, other places, other parts of our personalities that need attention.  We are on the pathway to better lives.

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