“What accounted for that packed house?  The imaging formula is the answer.  A goal, a purpose, lots of prayer, planning, thinking, enthusiasm, organization, and always intense, continuous imaging.  This overcame every adverse condition, including one of the worst rainstorms I have ever experienced.

“ ‘The hall is full.’  Life is full, also, and always will be if you so image it and forever keep God in it.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

Norman once was faced with lots of bad weather and a large hall that he wanted filled for a lecture.  He put into practice his own formula for success, which includes a great deal of imaging of a “full hall.”  He reports that his formula worked.

Norman Vincent Peale was one of the foremost inspirational writers of the last century, a minister from New York City.  If he believes in imaging, then this is just one more great person who knows the law of attraction.

I often don’t visualize enough, but it occurs to me after rereading this quotation from Norman that this is exactly what I need to do now.

Maybe you do, too.

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