“All that you need on the physical level to realize your heartfelt desires will appear in your life in an effortless way, out of the blue.  It will enter your life with ease and elegance.  It may seem miraculous and at the same time feel perfectly appropriate.  It is not your grasping, trying, pushing and forcing that will get it to you but your silent awareness of your truest needs, your honesty to face up to them and your courage to trust and let go.  Honoring the longings of your heart with such focus and surrender will bring the reality of enough to you.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

We know what to ask in regard to the law of attraction:  It is what our heart is longing for.  And when we rest in the surety of what that longing is really about, we will know our next step.  Of course, we can reflect on what we long for, and we can ask if it is a “right thing.”  Our longings may actually not be right for us, but even if wrong, there is a lesson in there somewhere for us.

I once longed for something for years, but I did not pray for it.  If I had thought enough about this strange turn of events, I would have realized that I didn’t pray for it because I knew, somewhere deep within, that the thing I longed for was actually wrong for me.  Assessing our true pathway takes perseverance.  And so we need to put our longings to a test of rightness.  Is there a more superficial part of us that holds the longing?  In our depths, are we sure it is a right thing?

Ask deeply and well.  Then the right pathway will open up.  There will be a surety that we have lacked before.

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