To Make Changes

“When you alter these conscious beliefs through effort, then a period of time is necessary while the structure learns to adjust to the new preferred situation.  If beliefs are changed overnight, comparatively less time is required.”  The Nature of Personal Reality (a Seth Book), by Jane Roberts

When we “effort” to achieve new results in our lives, then everything takes more time than if we let intuition alter our pathway just overnight.  We are attracting, using the law of attraction, either way—but intuition is so much better.  When we trust in the power of God and His Universe, we really don’t have to exert great effort to change anything at all.  Least of all ourselves.  Trust in the Almighty is a wonderful adjunct to what we can do solely by our little self, our personalities.

Don’t try so hard!  This is what this quotation is trying to say.  We get in our own way when we attempt, through coercion, to change our lives for the better.  When we go with the flow of what occurs to us, then change is natural and easy.

We are “in the flow,” and God’s world accommodates to us.  We live better, for we are not trying to do it all ourselves.  Our trust in a higher power, even if we believe only in our higher self, effects great change.

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