Add Emotion to an Image

“The images in your mind draw to themselves all the proper emotional energy and power needed to fill them out as physical events.”  The Nature of Personal Reality (a Seth Book), by Jane Roberts

If we “image” in our minds, we are visualizing.  And we often do this in an unthinking way.

We need to be more mindful.  We know that what we visualize tends to come true, especially if we focus on it with intention and purpose.

We need to take thought for what we are attracting that is not what we want.  If we visualize something that we don’t want, then we can just say “cancel, cancel” in our minds—not having to speak aloud.

When we add emotion to this visualization, we draw power to ourselves to effect the physical event.  Emotions—feelings—are vitally important to the law of attraction, and what we feel, we often see in our outer world.

We create our physical world by the thoughts in our minds.  We are in a mass hallucination, joined with all others on our plane, and maybe those on the Other Side as well.  It behooves us to intentionally create that which we have an inner feeling is right for us. 

Then we are in league with God, the Higher Power, and our creations are right and good for ourselves.

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