“I am forced to the conclusion that many people go through the lip-service act of saying their prayers without the slightest belief that those prayers will be answered.  Consequently, they are not answered.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

Why is this quotation true?  It is because “belief” is such a necessary component of the law of attraction.  We discover a need in ourselves, we ask that the need be answered, but then we doubt.  And doubt is a killer of dreams.

Know that God is real.  I believe that He is a personal God Who answers prayers.  I do not believe that His answer is audible to us, but I do believe it occurs in the silence when we get quiet.  Often we will realize that we know how to solve the dilemma before us now.  Often we have this sense of knowing what to do next to rectify our situation.

I do not fully agree with Claude, that our prayers are not answered.  We may be experiencing a “wait” response from God, for He knows that if we don’t believe in a solution, nothing that happens in our lives would be evidential. 

Post a question in writing to the Maker of us all.  Listen in the silence for a response.  See if the Answer is not much more astute than our normal thinking.  We are reaching down into the subconscious, which is deep within, and God dwells in all of us deep within.  Be clear in the question, for if our thinking is muddled, we can’t expect to hear something profound. 

But the profound is there, just waiting for us to receive.  Let it come through.  Don’t, above all, doubt, but suspend disbelief.  And God will speak to us in the silence of a quiet mind.

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