Ask Our Heart

“You must have noticed an outstanding characteristic of every end that the ego has accepted as its own.  When you have achieved it, it has not satisfied you.  That is why the ego is forced to shift ceaselessly fro one goal to another, so that you will continue to hope it can yet offer you something.”  A Course in Miracles, FIP ed.

When we have too many goals all at once, it is a tipoff that we are struggling to find a place for ourselves in this world that MAY be ego-driven.  When we remain often dissatisfied, even when we have achieved goals that we wanted, goals that we attracted, something is wrong.  It is wise to ask our heart exactly what IS wrong.  We may be following paths that are not meant for us.

When we open to our heart, we are opening to the intuitive side of ourselves.  And this intuitive side knows what is best in a way that our mind does not.  Listen to the “whispers” that occur; be sure that what is being asked for in a goal is actually something worthy and good.

Don’t let the ego take over.  The ego does not mean us well.  And with the ego in the ascendancy, we will NEVER remain satisfied with what we achieve.

2 thoughts on “Ask Our Heart

  1. Thank you Celia. And yes, this is true. But still I struggle and stumble half-blinded by old habits. Especially, the drive for multi-tasking. That was an absolutely necessary part of my work as an ER caregiver, but now that I have retired and taken up a new career as a writer, multi-tasking is both non-helpful and nonproductive. I follow what my heart calls me to, with total loyalty to what I know is my truth, and yet, I get waylaid and sidetracked repeatedly by lesser things that pop up. I bounce back and forth between the world out-there and the one in-here. Do you have a practical-or-magical formula for focusing better than I’m doing right now?


    1. You are simply caught in a habit of multi-tasking, left over from your earlier work life. It will take patience to slow down, I think. If you find yourself hurrying, and you don’t need to, then just stop–call a halt. And then do the one next thing that you want to do.

      This is what I try to do.

      Love, Celia


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