Spiritual Requests

“What can you ask for?  You can ask for spiritual evolution and more light, for that is a general request that your soul will utilize to bring you many unexpected gifts.  (You will want to acknowledge these gifts when they come.)”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

We grow when we ask for spiritual evolution and more light (which is insight).  This in itself will smooth out our lives and give us peace.

Don’t fret if we have been focusing upon material goods, and the law doesn’t seem to be operating.  There is a higher law that gives us what we are ready for.  And ALL of us are ready for spiritual evolution and greater insight.

Intangible requests are more lasting and more satisfying.  And we are always ready for those.  Material goods would be ashes and dust at our feet if we don’t have the spiritual wherewithal to sustain our lives without greed.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Requests

  1. This is a hard time for me to ask for anything, because I’m so aware of how blessed I am compared with so many others who are suffering in this small world of ours. That’s just my personal failing, and I realize it. I have always had a hard time asking and Believing that I deserve to receive, and that may be the biggest flaw in my personal faith. It comes from the untruths I was taught – most of us were taught – as children, that we didn’t deserve what we wanted. These are so hard to recognize, and even harder to heal. Thank you for reminding me to see the simple truth, and not blindly judge/decide what Spirit/God/Life wants for me, and draw a line of limitation.


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