Paradox of Letting Go of “Wanting”

“I have gained more desirable results (changes in attitude and behavior) in six months with the [Sedona] Method than all my wanting has achieved in a decade!  I always understood the concept of ‘oneness,’ with the universe, but recently, while I was releasing, it became fully animated in my life.  The realization is hard to explain.  Just knowing and feeling that everything is part of me, and I am a part of everything, is an unbelievable experience.”  Michael McGrath, quoted in the Hale Dwoskin’s The Sedona Method

Many of us who use the law of attraction to change our lives for the better know that “wanting” is not enough.  Wanting can actually thrust something desired away from us, because when we focus on “want,” we are saying we do not yet have.  We need instead to focus on a given desired good, and then release our minds and hearts from it.  Just be satisfied, whether it comes or not.  In the Sedona Method (mentioned in the quotation), this habit of mind is called “hootlessness.”  It is when we just cease to care whether or not something makes its way to us, and, paradoxically, we find that often the thing desired materializes. 

Our wanting “too” badly has caused the problem.  We have been focusing on lack, often without being aware of it, noticing that we want this thing and that we do not now have it. 

So let us give some thought to this paradox.  Let go, just release, the desired good from the mind and heart for a few days.  If we can succeed in thinking about other things, when we revisit our heart’s desire, we may see elements of its manifestation in our lives.  The manifestation may be a gift unsought, but something much, much better than what we had asked to have.


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