“Luckily, I get to choose the thoughts I think.  Nothing is forced on me.  In any moment I am free to change my mind and choose again.  Here lies the beauty of training your mind in a systematic way.  Nothing is happening to  me that cannot be changed in an instant.  There are no accidents.  The power of decision is my own.  If I am having a bad day, I can change it.”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

Our mind is in our control, but often we think our mind as a “mind” of its own.  We CAN choose the thoughts that we think.  If we are having a bad day, a low mood is coming from our low thoughts.  Thoughts come first; the mood, the feelings, come afterwards.

We need thought shifters when we are caught in feeling bad.  We can, by a force of sheer will, raise our thoughts to something better.  I often say, if caught in ruminations, “Let it rest lightly on my mind.”  And this assertion often does indeed make it so.

Distraction helps.  Put our mind on something else, other than the groove of the record we are playing over, and over, and still over.  Obsessions can be cruel taskmasters, and an obsessive-compulsive disorder does indeed cry out for professional help.  The others of us who are not caught by this disorder are able to quell the obsession by reading, praying, talking to friends and family.

Let our obsessions just drift away.  We don’t have to think about those things that “bother” us.  Obsessive thoughts that continue do, indeed, attract more like thoughts.  If there is something crying out for help, the Holy Spirit will alert us, when the time comes, to act.  And we will get very precise guidance about how to act—if we are listening.

There are no accidents.  There is a lesson in obsessive thought that God would have us learn.  Ask today for clarification.  Then wait patiently.

The Answer will come.  And soon.


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