Be Still & Quiet, and Create Our Desire

“When we create something, we always create it first in a thought form.”  Shakti Gawain

We have to “think” if we are to create what we want to attract. The law of attraction is a form of creation, and a very potent form.

Our best way to create through our thoughts is to get quiet and go within. Ask if the thing that we are contemplating is a “right” thing for ourselves, for if it is wrong, we will not be made happy by its manifestation. Spend time in revelry. Don’t rush. When we are very still in mind and body, our heart can speak to us about our best wants. Let the heart speak now.

Then, to emphasize what we want, we need to either speak of it (to ourselves) or write of it. We don’t want to scatter the good intentions by telling friends and family too soon of our hopes; their reactions might nullify what we are asking. So keep a good secret, but do emphasize the desire by talking out loud in a secluded space, or writing about the desire in a journal.

Be very sure that this is what we want. Any doubt will detract from its manifestation.

Be still and quiet. Return to this practice until the time seems fulfilled, perhaps over some days.

God in His universe moves quickly once He knows our intent. Be thankful, for gratitude completes the circle of attraction.


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