Withdrawing Belief

“Do not be afraid of the ego.  It depends on your mind, and as you made it by believing in it, so you can dispel it by withdrawing belief from it.”  A Course in Miracles, FIP ed.

The new classic, A Course in Miracles, here affirms the importance of belief in drawing objects and happenings to us.  Most of us realize now that the ego is a rather bad concept, that egotistic longings don’t bear real fruit, and that we would be better off if we stopped seeking things for egoic reasons.

When we withdraw our belief from the ego—and indeed anything else in our world, inner or outer—we assure its demise.  By the same token, continuing to believe in the value of the ego—and anything else—will keep these things around us, through and through.

In enlarging the concept of this quotation beyond the ego, we really must be sure that what we are believing, and therefore drawing to us, is really for our good, our ultimate good.  This is a theme song when we draw upon spirituality to define the law of attraction.  Know that something is right, because two wrongs never make a right.  Test our desires in the crucible of our heart.  See if these desires meet the test of time, because none of us want to impulsively attract something for which we have not given good thought.

We can dispel those things that hurt us by withdrawing our belief in their value.  This holds for other things every bit as much as for the ego.


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