Take Tiny Steps

“The more attainable you make a goal—phrased so the mind can at least accept it as a possibility—the more easily you’ll be able to release the obstacles that you hold within you toward that goal’s achievement.”  The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin

Most of us know of the value of belief in our goals to make them attainable. But we don’t know how to “believe” if we are skeptical, especially very skeptical.

Baby Steps

I want to recommend, based on the Sedona Method, that we take baby steps. Over days, write our a plan in our journals. First, take a very teeny step forward by phrasing a goal in some approximation of what we really want. Make it so self-evident that we are assured of its manifestation. Then rest for a day, letting the whole issue rest lightly on our minds and hearts. The next day, think of a next step–still being sure that what we are affirming is eminently probable. So we can believe in it.

Continue in this way until the “real” goal is in sight–regardless of how many tiny steps are needed in the meantime.

Goal May Alter

Note that if the goal changes in this process, maybe what we originally wanted is not in the cards for us. Maybe we are trying to manifest something that doesn’t want to come to us. Goals have their own agendas. We can’t manipulate the Divine. Surrender to what God really wants for us, because only then will we see that His way is best. Surrender opens the way for our prayer to be answered–sometimes in spectacular ways. And we will see happiness in the Answer.

Our hopes for the future will change if what we initially want actually changes. We won’t ask questions at this point, because what we are getting is better than what we originally wanted.

Faulty Thinking

Over time, we will see the “why” of this need to support incremental steps toward our plan for our lives. If we look deeply, we may see that an inferior idea, an obstacle, is preventing the accomplishment of our heart’s desire. Looked at this way, we can reassess and raise the inferiority to something much grander.

Don’t look ahead too quickly. Let the tiny steps lead the way to accomplishment of either the initial goal or a substitute that will be even better. But above all, don’t let removable obstacles keep us from what we truly can have, prompted by our heart’s knowledge of our way in this life.


Guidance is always available for this process. Settle down, relax, let the mind drift. Then just ask what to ask for in each tiny step. Ask for fuller knowledge, because in this way things will occur that have been veiled previously.

The way will be shown. We are never alone in this world.


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