Dreams during Daylight Hours

“Just as our conscious mind dreams at night, our superconscious mind dreams our entire waking reality.”  Penney Pierce, The Intuitive Way

Yes!  We seem “stuck” in dreams just all the time.  But we can direct the course of our dreams in daylight hours, much as “lucid dreaming” happens for some of us at night.

We direct by way of the law of attraction.  To do this well, we need first to ask, deep within ourselves, the best course to take.  If we skip this step, we will still attract what we are focusing on, but we will often find that that course in an inferior route. 

When we ask, deep within ourselves, the best course to take, we find that Higher Realms are helping us out.  Our lives smooth out, things get better, we stop obsessing about the problems that everybody also has.

We are living well.  Our Awakening from all dreams is right around the corner.  When we practice more by looking within, we merge into something better.  And this is not a deep sleep any longer.  We see true reality.


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