Dream within a Dream

“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?”  Edgar Allan Poe

Yes! A dream within a dream. And if we are dreaming, we can alter our dream by deliberate attention to what we want. This evokes the law of attraction automatically. And we are doing what in the nighttime is called, “lucid dreaming.” We can direct the course of our dreams even more easily in the daytime. But it takes attention. And it takes focus.

Surrender to the Divine is the best way to develop a certainty about how to direct our dreams. If we try to go it alone, we just get lost. And we feel so alone.

Feeling alone is not the intent for us from Infinity. We are far from alone, and it is only our own deluded thought that ever makes us think such insanity. We are enthralled by a Force Who tells us, when we ask, how to proceed. We have direct guidance.

It is like Luke in Star Wars. He is wielding a sword in the air while he is blindfolded. He is told, “Follow the Force.” And then he knows how to respond. He follows the Force.

And we can do the same. Indeed, we need do nothing more. The Force will take care of every contingency, every uncertain move on our part. This Force is usually called God. And unlike Star Wars, His advice is not that of the sword, but of love.


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