“Ask yourself, ‘What is the most spiritual thing I can do with my life?’ Beyond the forms you create, what is your highest aim?  What is the most important thing you want to do?  It may be that you want to evolve into your soul’s consciousness.  You want to grow spiritually as fast as you can comfortably handle, to be a healer, or fulfill your higher purpose.  Hold that vision every day.

“Go as high as you can with your imagination.  Fantasize about your perfect life.  The higher you go, the more you connect with your higher self, the more quickly the images and thought forms that do not fit your growth will dissolve.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

We can attract a more spiritual life just like we do anything else. We use our imagination to build castles in the sky, and then we seek to implement what our castle-building has prompted us. It is that easy. Our higher self, as Sanaya says, will help us. This higher self is our part of God, of divinity. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We want to live good lives, and many people of spiritual bent have determined that the best way to live a good life is to live a godly life. We don’t have to be noisy about it. Maybe if we made loud comments about our inner life, we might be perceived as “holier than thou.” And none of us wants that.

But we can quietly go about building a good life by letting God speak through our imagination. That is the way, in the silence, that He speaks to us. We don’t hear words, we often don’t see visions. But we have an inner knowing that lets us know when we are on the right track, and, conversely, when we are veering off the side of the road.

Let’s use our imagination to improve our lives–and let’s do it today. We won’t be of much help to others if our own life doesn’t work. And it can work, and work amazingly well, when we touch base with what is inside us.


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