Healing our Thoughts

“We have all heard of the power of ‘the laying on of hands,’ and most of us know how soothing hands stroking our temples can lessen the intensity of a headache.  Can this be due to some form of electrical energy flowing form our finger ends?  The Bible tells of numerous instances where healing was accomplished by the touch of Jesus’ hand.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

If we stroke our temples, we can also use the energy in our hands to metaphorically transfer healing to our thoughts. After all, our thoughts have attracting power, too. Many of us know how we can get a day started out wrong by the power of getting up on the wrong side of the bed. If we stroke our temples, we are close to our brain, and we can easily make the transfer to a better way of thinking, a better avalanche of thoughts.

We often don’t realize that it is the thought that makes for the feelings that we are experiencing. Our feelings are our lightning rod; they ground us in the truth of what we are attracting through what we are thinking. When we heal with our fingertips, we are imagining that we can transform a day into something better by realizing that we are the ones in the driver’s seat. We make the choices; we attract what is going on in the outer world.

Heal our thoughts today, especially when our feelings are telling us that we have allowed our thoughts to go awry. Stroke our temples; let the imagery here be suggestive of Jesus’ healing touch.

When we heal our thoughts into positivity, we attract the good, the beautiful, and the holy. Our thoughts then become our friends, no longer something to fear–but to love.


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