Accept Jubilant Thoughts

“[The individual] actually creates his own environment, but this environment is created by him according to conceptions received telepathically now, in childhood, in infancy, and even before birth.”  Jane Roberts, The Early Sessions, Book 2 of the Seth Material

We do get inklings from others and even from God about how we ought to proceed to form our environment. These inklings come to our minds and hearts telepathically. We have a thought about what we want to think, say, or do–and we don’t actually know from where this thought originated. At earlier points in our lives, we have also been primed by what has come to us telepathically.

This is an important insight. If we agree with what we have received telepathically, we proceed to actualize that thought. If we don’t agree, we can certainly turn aside from what the telepathy is saying. It is important to note in this regard that we live in an open universe in which thoughts are exchanged just all the time. We must have discernment to determine which ones we want to accept and make real in our environment.

If we accept depressed thoughts, we are going to adopt depression for ourselves. On the other hand, if we accept jubilant thoughts, our world will get better. It is up to invite and then accept the jubilant thoughts–if that is what we want. Most of us do want just that.

Ask for happy thoughts to surround us today. Ask to create our environment from these happy thoughts, lodged deep in our heart. We are attracting these intuitions, these inklings.

And we have what we attract.

That is the law of attraction in operation in a larger sense than we usually think of it. The law is indeed, as Rhonda Byrne has said, “perfect.”


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