“Hootlessness” – Be Willing to Have It So

“Robert had made a personal discovery about hootlessness years earlier.  He found that if he really needed or wanted some material object to be his, the first thing to do was to articulate clearly in his mind exactly what it was that he wanted.  The second and most important step was to expel any feelings of need or want, just let it go.  Then, sooner or later, whatever he wanted would materialize!  Whenever he could do this, he enjoyed amazing results.  Conversely, if he fretted or lusted after it, it would never happen.  It was a revelation to him when he heard this phenomenon explained by the Sedona Method.”  The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin

Hale Dwoskin, who wrote The Sedona Method based on ideas of Lester Levinson, defines “hootlessness” to mean a particular sense of “not caring” about the outcome. It sounds paradoxical, and it is. If we accept whatever outcome occurs, we are letting reality be “willing to have it so.” This idea is the most centering aspect of the law of attraction that we could imagine. We don’t get ourselves all tangled up with potent desire. We ask, and then we settle back and wait for a response from the universe. And the universe delivers.

If the law doesn’t seem to be working, we are asking for something that we, in our deepest heart of hearts, think (or know) that we can’t have. We are doubting its manifestation.

We can’t fool God. If we latch upon something very farfetched, our divine, inner nature knows that we are just playing around. If we find something that has a place in our heart, and we release our urgent desire for it–just let it be–then the desire may well manifest.


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