Miracles Give Us Our Requests

“Lesson 339 [from A Course in Miracles Workbook] says, ‘I will receive whatever I request.’

“This is a true statement.  You will receive whatever you request.

“If this is not your experience, then something has gone wrong (‘if miracles are not occurring, then something has gone wrong’). God wills you perfect happiness.  He wills that all your troubles and pains disappear.  He wills you have everything you need in time.

. . .

“What are you asking for?”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

Is this “pie in the sky” thinking? The quotation from A Course in Miracles is taken right from the New Testament, a quotation from Jesus given on this blog, along with Jesus’ picture. So I think we have to consider carefully that we aren’t asking in the right way if miracles don’t seem to be happening.

Our interpretation of the things that happen to us means a lot. If we ask in doubt, we are negating our request. We have to genuinely believe that what we are asking is in the right will and is welcomed by us. If we don’t welcome what we are asking, God knows enough to deny this thing for us.

But it is really ourselves who are doing the denial, because we have left out the step of believing. A Course in Miracles assumes that we believe when it says that we will receive. The formula, from the New Testament, is “ask, believe, receive.”

We may have doubts deep in our heart that what we are asking is not good for us, and this means that any believing we are doing is tainted.

Miracles do occur when we get on the right beam. Miracles are our birthright. And if we ask for a miracle and believe that this request will be honored, we have done all except “receive.” And receiving is the passive step; we don’t have to do anything more.

Are we asking for what we really want? Are we acting in good faith?

Then miracles will flow through our lives like water washing over a beach. We will know that God loves us and that He is ever-present to answer not only our needs, but our wants, too.


One Reply to “Miracles Give Us Our Requests”

  1. James 4:3 “When you ask you do not receive because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”
    Be careful what you ask for – God did not put us here to make us happy…but to make us holy.
    May God enlighten you to the purposes for which He created and gifted you. That you may grow in those.


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