“Trust yourself and believe you can create what you want.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

It is quite possible that trust is the missing ingredient when our prayers to receive do not bear fruit. A Course in Miracles says that trust is the first prerequisite of a teacher of God. And haven’t we all noticed that those who depend upon God in the matter of prayer seem to live charmed lives?

When we trust, the first recipients of that trust ought to be ourselves. And we are a part of God (though many of us might doubt this). If we trust our inner Self to bring us those wonderful things that we long to have, then miracles happen.

As always, unless we are very sure of our wants, we will ask amiss. And God knows when we are doubting. Doubting negates the prayer for abundance. And the law of attraction.

Ask for greater trust today. It will be a prayer in God’s will. And trusting ourselves–and Him–will bring joys that we heretofore have not allowed ourselves to contemplate.


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