“Resistance can be a major obstacle to having what you want and feeling the way you want to feel.  However, you can easily let it go and enjoy the benefits of a life without resistance filled with all that you choose.”  The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin

What exactly IS resistance? It is when we have been going along, producing, working, enjoying life, and suddenly we want something new and different; we stop wanting to have and do the things that have filled our lives. We become stuck when we seek to relinquish that which has blessed us.

We have to flow into change, and when we flow into life and into change, we don’t have to resist the things that have previously been perfectly acceptable. When we let our antagonism, which is at base negativism, go, then we are opening a space for all that is good and honorable for the future.

Change will happen. We just don’t want to turn away too soon from what has sustained us. Let the flow of good happenings open up in our lives. And don’t resist the things that have previously offered us blessings. This would be ingratitude, and ingratitude stops the law of attraction from functioning normally in our lives.


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