Bad Moods

“If you learn to focus on and feel grateful for what you have in each moment, that thought process will become habit itself.  Similarly, when you focus on what is lacking in or wrong with your life, you will always find a way to attract even more of what you don’t like.”  You Can Feel Good Again, by Richard Carlson

Sometimes we have been too introspective. It is especially dangerous to be too introspective when we are feeling low, depressed, negative about life. If we want to attract the good things that we deserve, we need to find a way to lift our spirits and move forward. If we obsess about every little thing, we will attract more negativity. The law of attraction in operation.

I know that it is hard to lift one’s spirits when we are feeling down. Rhonda Byrne recommends shifting our thinking by reminiscing about happy things that give us joy. We can also read. Or journal. Or distract ourselves with conversation with our loved ones.

We know what works, because we have short-circuited a depressed mood many times in our lives. The most important thing to do is to “short-circuit.” Don’t give an inch, which becomes a mile, to depression. Focus on what is right in our lives–another way of saying “count our blessings.” A gratitude list is a potent circuit breaker.

Nourish the small amount of gratitude that is always a part of us. Gratitude will then grow and eclipse the mood of deprivation. Moods are natural; staying in them is actually one of the worst things we can do for ourselves.


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