More – More – More

“An excellent measure of happiness is the differential between what you have and what you want.  You can spend your lifetime wanting more, always chasing happiness—or you can simply decide to consciously want less.  This latter strategy is infinitely easier and more fulfilling.”  Richard Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff

We need to be reasonable about wants when we invoke the law of attraction.  Once we have received a desired object, if we never stop to appreciate, then we don’t get the full benefit from our desires being manifested.  We are not “filled up” because we are not living well enough in the present.  If we are not filled up, then we would keep wanting something else, and something else—more, more, more—and we would be insatiable.

Being insatiable, meaning never to be satisfied with what we have, is no way to live.  This habit of mind even runs counter to the law of attraction, for gratitude is a primary way to attract what we want.  When we are never satisfied, we are not stopping long enough to be grateful.

An irritable reaching after more is a dead end when it never encourages us to savor what we have already.


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