“It is also important to emphasize that a basic factor in successful living is not how much you know or how hard you work, although neither is to be minimized.  The most important factor is what you believe and how sincerely you believe it.  This law was stated by William James, one of the greatest thinkers in American history, who said, ‘In any project, the important factor is your belief.  Without belief there can be no successful outcome.  That is fundamental.’”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

Here we see the great preacher, Norman Vincent Peale, and the great thinker, William James, in agreement about belief.  Jesus is quoted in the New Testament as saying much the same, and Jesus’ statement, found in Mark, is highlighted in the sidebar of this blog.

The statements about belief are a reaffirmation, in other words, of the law of attraction, explaining how it works.  But we must understand one thing more to use the belief principle in our law of attraction endeavors.  Unless we are sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this thing we want is true for us, in our heart of hearts, we will not actualize it.  The doubt at the base of our psyche is the killer of the dream.  If we know, through and through, that we can have this desired good, then we are living out the contract we made before we were born into this life.

Our dreams of acquisition will bear fruit.


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