Recognize the Gifts

“You can begin to imagine joy, peace, and harmony as your birthright.  Focus, clarity, and love are available for the asking.  Request a vision of your higher purpose, and be willing to recognize the gifts every day as they come, even the small things.  The more you acknowledge what the Universe is sending you, the more you can bring into your life.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

Gratitude for what we have, rather than constantly asking–without pause–for more is a secret of the universe, meaning God. I sometimes think that God is like a loving and devoted husband, who longs to give us more and more, in love, when we like and appreciate already what we have been given. This sometimes happens often when we are new to our relationship to God. He responds as a new husband might, returning a multitude of gifts to the one who shows gratefulness.

I don’t know why gratitude is so important, except to know that ingratitude–its reverse–is a negative, and negativity revokes the law of attraction. When we have a full heart, filled with gratitude, we are normally feeling love, and love is the greatest “secret” of this universes and their God. Love makes things happen for the good. Its reverse, fear, is the negative that unhinges everything.

So say a little prayer of gratefulness today for what we have already been given. This may well open the floodgates of heaven, and we will be blessed indeed with our heart’s desire.


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