Adding the Psychic to the Law of Attraction

“. . .To think, say, and do something which you do not truly believe is impossible.  Therefore, the process of creation must include belief, or knowing.  This is absolute faith.  This is beyond hoping.  This is knowing of a certainty. . . .”  Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, Book 1.

What Neale is saying is actually when the psychic comes into play when we are invoking the law of attraction. If we are unsure, have doubts, lack confidence, then our asking is in vain because we know in our innermost being that we are asking for something that simply isn’t for us. When we believe, on the other hand, we are intuiting that our desires are fruitful, that we are asking in God’s will, and that what we are asking for will come into being.

There is a difference in all this. And when we go inside, get quiet, and ask, we will know whether or not what we want is really right for us. If we are not sure we are praying the right prayer, we need to think again.

If our desires seem out of kilter with our innermost knowing, then we need to simply ask what IS right for us. What will give us joy? How might we live our lives to attract that which is right for us? What do we do now?

Ask for a heightening of the psychic in our lives. We will not be disappointed when what we have intuited all along actually comes true.


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