“When we’re stuck in old patterns of victimhood, we draw the same situations to ourselves again and again (there’s that Law of Attraction at work).  You see this all the time—for example, the woman who ends up in the same type of unhealthy relationship over and over.  Different man, same problems.”  Marci Shimoff, Happy for No Reason

If we feel sorry for ourselves, have self-pity, then we are playing the victim of life itself.  We may not be blaming God, but we are in a blaming mode, and eventually that blaming mode will take us to blaming the Creator Himself.

We aren’t helping ourselves in such a situation.  It is a dead end.  I don’t believe that God is responsible for the bad things that happen to us.  We live in a fallen world, and we ourselves have spend eons lost in separation from God; it may take us a while to be rescued from such dismal circumstances.  In a physical world, due simply to the way things work, we may get hurt—physically or emotionally.  If we sing a sad tune, the distress is heightened.  We are playing the victim.

This victimhood is especially obvious when it comes to love relationships.  There are no easy answers to break ourselves out of a pattern of misplaced choices.  But the principal thing we can do is to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, realizing that it is we who have done this thing, and it is up to us, with prayerful guidance, to turn things around.

We can make new choices.  We can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  A few moments of lifting our sights to a better experience is the initial point of departure. 

Make a decision to give up our tendency to blame someone else, especially our tendency to blame the Almighty.  Ask for the help that is our birthright, the guidance that will get us out of the messes we have made.

Just relax in God’s arms, and know that the next thought that occurs is the guidance that we have been seeking. If the next thought will harm no one at all, we need not be hesitant to follow this internal advice.


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