“What would you like to receive from the Universe right now?  Use your imagination and ask for all you can think of.  Example:  I am open to receiving all of the resources I need to create my higher purpose.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

What a great way Sanaya has recommended for letting the law of attraction bring us what will make us glad.  Use our imagination to ask!!  If we get in a mellow place, not a greedy one, we will know best what to ask for.  We will be “on the beam” with God.

Her example (in the quotation above) is an all-encompassing one, but not all of our asking needs to be so sweeping.  Go to a journal and list whatever occurs.  Do this almost without thinking, just whatever occurs to the mind/heart.  We can read over the list later on and delete what is not worthy of us.  We can edit—but we need to edit later on.

When we get quiet within, often we are accessing the Holy Spirit, Who will speak to our innermost being, where He resides, and send us in the best and right direction.

Make a list now.  That’s what I’m going to do.


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