Spiritual Path

“You can receive so much more than you may have thought to ask for.  Asking for spiritual qualities and spiritual evolution will lift you higher and make it easier to have everything else in your life you have been wanting.  You can ask for more light, joy, peace, clarity, love, wisdom, vision, and to find and to follow your higher path.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

The spiritual path is the easy path. As in AA, we can turn to our God as we conceive him to be. We don’t have to follow a path that is foreign to us. We don’t have to have faith in things that we don’t quite believe.

God will meet us where we are. I believe we are His beloved children, with whom He delights in keeping in conversation all through the day. We can ask for qualities, such as Sanaya mentioned in the quotation for today. All are spiritual qualities, and each one will take a person one step farther along the path to a good life, a life lived with universal and ultimate reality.

God does not ask us to believe when we are doubtful. He just wants us to open our mind and heart to love, and all of us have loved someone in our lifetimes. That love can be the the opener to God. I think God does not demand belief, but instead takes us where we are, and leads us gently to a higher pathway in life.

We will get more of what we want when we seek higher qualities rather than develop materialistic qualities that don’t satisfy for long. The material is not denigrated, though. We are encouraged to live a full life, and the material is part of that.

I think there is a tendency in us to believe that if we have material objects that we want, then we will turn to spiritual values. It works better to operate in just the reverse. Seek the spiritual, and then all these things are added unto us.

Just remember the immaterial, higher qualities of wisdom, vision, harmony, peace, joy–and we will be on the right track, finally.


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