“When you ask for God’s help and at the same time negate your prayer by doubting that you are going to get it, your prayer will be answered by denial.  How could the answer be otherwise for obviously the real prayer is one of doubt.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

If we doubt, we short-circuit God’s real gifts.  We set up a screen of denial that can be very hard to break out of.

There are two reasons that this situation may come about.  We may not truly believe that there is God Who answers personal prayer.  We may be fundamental doubters.  I don’t think this pleases God at all, but through it all He continues to love us and even to present opportunities for us to drop this negativity from our minds and hearts.  When we hold the idea that God may just be listening, we open ourselves to an avalanche of good things cascading down upon our heads.

The second reason that doubt can get such a hold on us is that we have low self-esteem.  We think we are not worthy.  This may take root if we feel guilty in our relationship to the universe, in other words, if we think that we are going to be punished for our lack of belief in the benign nature of reality.

If we can entertain such the smidgen of a thought and feeling that maybe we have been wrong to be hoodwinked by doubt, we are on the road to a success unimagined in our weaker hours.

Just open the door to belief by a crack.  A loving Father will meet you halfway and more.


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