What Do We Really Want from Life?

“This friend asked her a direct question, ‘What do you really want from life?  You will need to answer that question specifically, before you will have any chance of getting it.’  It was a wise question, for goals are never reached unless they are first specifically formed in the mind.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

Be specific if we want the law of attraction to help us. A fuzzy sense of goals will not do it. Just muddling along will not do it. A journal will help to clarify our thinking. Put goals in writing, and then spend quiet time reflecting upon what has been written. Ask if, in heart of hearts, we really want and expect this thing. if we think too strongly that it will never come, then it simply won’t. So doubt must be banished.

Doubt cannot be banished if in our heart of hearts we think we are not asking for something good for us, if we doubt that God would want us to have it, if we doubt that we would want really to have it–once it might have arrived.

Retire to a journal and sort out our thinking. The benefits are great. And there is no down side.


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