If We Look Down in the Mud. . .

“If your eyes are looking down in the mud and you feel a sense of failure, you will create defeat for yourself.  Optimistic visualization combined with prayer and faith will inevitably actualize achievement.”  The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale

I believe that we need to employ all parts of ourselves if we are to effectively utilize the law of attraction. And our innermost being is what Norman is talking about here. Our God dwells within, and when we turn inside, deep inside, we touch His coattails. We develop a certainty that what we are wanting, if tested out as true and good, is there waiting for us. God does not hold back when we prepare ourselves to accept. But we need to both believe and receive, which is ultimate acceptance.

If we doubt ourselves–looking “down in the mud”–we won’t reach out heart’s desire. Not because God is a miser, but because we are acting as misers to ourselves. Doubt kills the dream.

Faith enhances our wishes, faith in the benevolent Power of the universe. When we listen with all our being to what dwells within, we have that which we ask.



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