Sending Out Vibes

“Another person cannot hurt you unless you are hurting yourself.  You cannot be betrayed, undervalued, or unloved unless you are doing it to yourself by not valuing and loving yourself.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This quotation stands behind the law of attraction because of our own focus.  We are indeed sending out vibes of negativity that attract similar negativity from our brothers and sisters in this world.

The obvious solution is to develop a better self-image–to love ourselves, as the New Testament encourages.  But remember that the New Testament says to love others as we love ourselves, and if we develop good habits, we will do just that.

If our focus continues to be on what is wrong with our lives, we will continue to attract that which hurts.  

When we raise our sights to a better place, then we change everything.

Do so today.  Practice doing so.


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