You Will Be Flooded with New Insights

“Focus on what you want rather than what you do not want.  Once you have demonstrated to the Universe that you intend to go higher, you will be flooded with new insights on what to do.  The Universe will begin to show you the way.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This special word is very, very important to successful use of the law of attraction.  When something has gone wrong, it is so very easy to absentmindedly focus on that usually teeny thing, and thereby draw more of it to ourselves.

We need not to do this!  With a slight shift in thinking, we can contemplate what we DO want, and focus on just that.  With an emphasis.

The change to something better is immediate and very obvious.  We will be blessed by the Universe (read God), and we will be shown the way.  We are dealing here with a very fundamental law of the Universe, the way things are meant to be carried out.

Don’t waste anymore time lamenting what has gone wrong.  Focus on how to rectify the wrong, what is the thing that we want, and all of life will shift into something that we really want.


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