Inner Wisdom

“Develop the ability to produce a true picture of things as they really are and it will help you create what you want in physical reality.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

What does a “true picture” of  “things as they really are” show us?  It means that we are not fooling ourselves with rosy pictures if things are going badly, of course.  But more to the point, we are not looking upon true reality with a jaundiced view, seeing problems that could be easily solved if we consult our Inner Wisdom.

A friend counsels having a dialogue with our Inner Wisdom when we want to know the real truth of things.  We start with a question that begs for an Answer, then we listen in the silence for what our intuition prompts.  As the intuition develops on paper or computer, usually in very simple and straight-forward words, we see a solution to any problem arise.

This sounds easy, and it is.  Our faith that it will actually work might be the only thing holding us back.  

See reality as it truly is.  When we have a true picture of what we are encountering, we are then encouraged to visualize the better future.

That is all that is necessary.


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